Lookyloo Interface

Capture Visualization

The Lookyloo interface is comprised of the following:

  • Tree of Domains

  • Menu (left and top)

  • Legend

GitHub Capture

Tree of Domains

Lookyloo displays a tree of the domains that call one another.

Lookyloo Menu

  • Capture Details: Show details about the capture

  • Lookyloo Manual: Link to this documentation

  • Homepage: Return to the index page (list of all the captures)

  • Page screenshot: Show the screenshot of the page as it yould be displayed in the browser

  • Tree statistics: Overview of the number of unique URLs/Hostnames, and cookies present in the capture

  • Third party reports: (Optional) Query 3rd party services and display the result

  • Run Subsequent Captures: List all the URLs in the landing page and trigger subsequest capture while keeping the session (useragent, cookies, referer)

  • Contact Local Administrator: (Optional) Send a notification to the entity managing the platform


sample github legend
  • Insecure requests: At least one for the requests in the node is unencrypted (HTTP).

  • Empty responses: All the responses in the node are empty.

  • Javascript: The responses contain javascript.

  • Cookie received: The responses contain cookies.

  • Cookie read: The requests contain cookies (cookies are sent to the server).

  • Redirect: The requests contain redirects.

  • Font: The responses contain fonts.

  • HTML: The responses contain HTML.

  • JSON: The responses contain Json.

  • CSS: The responses contain CSS.

  • EXE: The responses contain executables.

  • Image: The responses contain images

  • Video: The responses contain videos

  • iFrame: The responses are loaded from iFrames.

  • Content type not set/unknown: The content of the responses is unknown.