Update Lookyloo

It assumes you installed lookyloo with the procedure describe on this website.

Update lookyloo

The recommended way to update Lookyloo is to run the following command, from the directory you cloned lookyloo into:

poetry run update

It will do the following (you can stop at any point if you hit n):

  1. Pull the lookyloo repository.

    **Note**: if the update script is modified by the pull, the script will stop
              and you will be asked to re-run it.
  2. Make sure the version of poetry you’re using is recent enough.

  3. Install the right version of the dependencies.

  4. Validate the current status of the configuration files.

  5. Update the configuration files with the default values from the sample file (if missing).

  6. Pull the expected version of the 3rd party javascript dependencies.

  7. Restart the website and the other scripts.

The sections below are only required if the tools have been updated, or if upgrading lookyloo suggests you to do so.

Update poetry

poetry self update

Update Redis

It requires to shutdown lookyloo completely.

From the lookyloo repository:

poetry run stop

From the directory you cloned redis into:

# Optional: git checkout <version>
git pull

Then, back in the lookyloo repository:

poetry run start