Lookyloo Web Extension

The web extension makes it very easy to submit a URL (along with with its context) to a Lookyloo instance.

Disclaimer: This extension is aimed for users of Lookyloo who have their own instance of the platform. It requires invasive permissions and if used incorrectly, it may result in sharing cookies with third parties, potentially resulting in allowing them to login on websites without your consent. If you simply want to submit URLs to a lookyloo instance, you can give it a try on the demo interface.


The plugin will allow you to easily submit the URL if the tab you’re currently seeing in your browser and you can optionnally pass along the following parameters:

  • The User-Agent of your browser (it will otherwise default to the ones configured in Lookyloo).

  • The referer of the curent page (if any).

  • The complete cookie jar of your browser. This feature is dangerous as it will most probably contain cookies that could be used to login as yourself on different websites, even if they have no relationship with the webside you’re currently viewing and are capturing. This setting must only be used if you have full control of the Lookyloo instance doing the capture. Note: the reason we’re sending the complete cookie jar is because it can be useful to see what is happenig when capturing a 3rd party page while you’re logged-in on social media websites.


You can get the plugin from the Firefox Add-Ons store


The source code and more details regarding the internals of the plugin are available on github.