Alternatives to Lookyloo

Lookyloo is a tool that will allow you to dig into a website you know nothing about and assist you to understand how it works. Some 3rd party tools are integrated and it give you some contextual informations about the content, but you may want to use an other service instead, depending on your use-case. is a very user-friendly and simple interface aimed at looking up phishing websites and tell a non-technical user if they should open that link or not.

It uses the API of to produce a report. gives a lot of quite technical information about a specific URL, including a very technical but human-readable overview of what is happening.

It provides more information about the URL than Lookyloo does but represents it differently. It is mostly useful for security investigations when lookyloo can also be used to investigate tracking and debug a website.

Chrome/Chromium/Firefox development tools

The development/inspection interfaces in the browsers are extremely useful to investigate a website when you’re a developer, but if you try to use it to understand a complex website, it gets pretty complicated quick. And reproducing a capture is not easy, even if you use a private session to clear the state of your browser, as you will need to close all whe windows between each investigation.