Lookyloo Use Cases

Using Lookyloo, you can extract data from a webpage so it can be assessed and visualized.

Use Lookyloo to:

  • observe who has access to your information when you visit a site

  • identify malicious activity

  • recognize phishing activity

  • pinpoint lapses in security and flag suspicious behavior

Lookyloo can be used by various professionals, including…​


As a journalist, I can uses Lookyloo to:

  • investigate privacy violations

  • investigate ad tech

  • take snapshots of websites at a specific time, from a specific source

As a legal professional, I can use Lookyloo to:

  • investigate potential privacy violations in websites (GDPR)

  • investigate and validate third party components

  • investigate ad tech

Site Administrators

As a site administrator, I can use Lookyloo to:

  • understand how the website developed by a third party works

  • figure out potential bottlenecks in websites

  • visualize third party components and their interactions

Forensic Investigators

As a forensic investigator, I can use Lookyloo to:

  • understand how a malicious website tricks users

  • understand techniques used by attackers to create phishing websites

  • gather indicators (IP addresses, domain names) in order to take down malicious content on websites

  • take a snapshot of a website for further investigations

  • detect potential privacy violations and security issues


As an educator, I can use Lookyloo to:

  • explain how websites work

  • show how different concepts (redirects, CNAMEs, iFrames, cookies) interact together on modern websites

  • introduce beginners to web development