Run Lookyloo with a Simple Docker Setup

This documentation is currently non-functional, and the docker files need to be updated. See this issue for more details.


The repository includes a [Dockerfile](Dockerfile) for building a containerized instance of the app.

Lookyloo stores the scraped data in /lookyloo/scraped. If you want to persist the scraped data between runs it is sufficient to define a volume for this directory.

Running a Complete Setup with Docker Compose

Additionally you can start a complete setup, by using Docker Compose and the included service definition in [docker-compose.yml](docker-compose.yml) with:

docker-compose up

After building and startup is complete lookyloo should be available at link: http://localhost:5000/.

If you want to persist the data between different runs uncomment the "volumes" definition in the last two lines of [docker-compose.yml](docker-compose.yml) and define a data storage directory in your Docker host system there.